Importance of Incubation Centre

Startup Incubation Centres are crucially important in a country like India where entrepreneurs are launching new setups and changing the business scenario every hour. In the case of the uninitiated, Startup incubation programs or centres provide support functions, mentorship, Counselling and tangible or intangible resources to individual entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial setups.

They enable the entrepreneurs to get all the expert advice and technical guidance that they need to start and survive for a longer time, unlike most entrepreneurial ventures that vanishes within a few months of their launch.

PUIC is aimed at nurturing the entrepreneurial abilities or talents in any business sector or industry (service or manufacturing) by providing them with a comprehensive range of support including incubator space, business support services, and clustering and networking opportunities. The prime goal of PUIC will be to work substantially for the survival and growth of new start up businesses, create jobs and wealth, enhance entrepreneurial climate, create and retain businesses, commercialize new technologies, build or accelerate growth in a local industry, and diversify economies.

Vision of PUIC

  • Attracting the best entrepreneurial ideas or abilities from across the country.
  • Conducting scheduled seminars and workshops and publishing knowledge newsletters etc. to groom the aspiring or existing entrepreneurs.
  • Providing the entrepreneurs with tangible support such as office space, conference rooms, data centres and internet facilities, etc and intangible support like networking with global business community, guidance from mentors, experts, advisors, counsellors, academicians etc, access to investors around the world, providing technical know-how etc to the identified entrepreneurial abilities.

Mission of PUIC

PUIC will focus on a range of services for entrepreneurs, designed to help them launch successful businesses. These services are stated as follows:

  • Administrative services (office space, data centre, conference room, internet facilities etc),
  • Technical services (technical advice, access to expensive equipment, help in introduction of innovative services etc),
  • Business advice services (coaching, counselling, mentoring, training, academician`s advice),
  • Networking opportunities and arranging funds (Investors networking, links to global business community and successful entrepreneurs).