Business Plan / Idea Submission Format

Personal Details:

Your Name:

Contact Number:

Form No.:

E Mail ID:

1) Quick Details:

Project Name:

Project Brief :

2) Business Concept:

What is the origin of your idea?

What is the uniqueness and innovativeness of your product / service?

What value is created by uniqueness of your product?

3) Customer Analysis:

Who will be the potential customers/consumers of your product?

How will you reach your customers ? State all the methods of your Sales Strategy.

4) Size of Opportunity:

What is the market in which your company will operate?

How big is your addressable market and what is the growth rate of the market?

Who are your potential and current, direct and indirect competitors in market?

What are the factors that give you competitive advantages and disadvantages?

State entry and exit barriers of your market.

What are the risk factors?

5) Business System Description:

How will the product/service be developed (possible plan to build the product or Implementing the service to check the feasibility option), manufactured, marketed and sold?

How will you make money? What will be your Revenue Model?

State at least three drivers of revenue to which your model is sensitive.

State at least three drivers of cost to which your model is sensitive.

6) Financial: Cash Flow and Manpower Projections:

How many clients will you generate year wise?

How much capital will be required?

How will you fulfill your capital requirements?

How much manpower would you require year wise?

How much capital will be invested by you in future?

How much capital have you invested in current model?

What is the current turnover of your business model (if any)?

7) Team Description:

How many members are there in your team?

What value and skill sets does each member bring to the team?

State additional team member requirements you might have along with their skill sets.

Extra Comments: